Motion Book Tool for XR Alpha Notes



The Motion Book Tool for XR,, is being released as an alpha. Alpha means that features and functionality are subject to change, so we appreciate in advance your understanding as we evolve. 

We hope that our users who use the Motion Book Tool XR Alpha will help us improve by sending us feedback. Any comments, problems, or suggestions can be sent to our support email at We also have a forum, in case our users want to help others in the community with ideas and troubleshooting:

This Alpha version is being used currently by our production team and by other partners' production teams, so it is full-featured and sufficiently stable to produce impressive storytelling in 3D space. 

Our currently-supported XR devices are Oculus Gear, Oculus Go, and Magic Leap One.

You'll notice that the Motion Book Tool currently requires Flash. Our Motion Book Tool 2.0 is currently in development, and will use just Javascript and WebGL, with no dependency on Flash. We anticipate early releases beginning in Q3 2019.


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