Chapter 9: Adding Credits


Adding Credits

Now that the page is complete, you can give credit for content and take credit for building as you roll credits over the final scene.

To Create a Credits Layer

1.      Click the left arrow at the top of the control panel to go back to the Layers controls if you’re not already there.

2.      Click the “Add new layer” button.

3.      Select “Text” as the layer type and name the layer “Credits”.

A new text layer box “Credits” appears at the top of the control panel.

4.      In the text layer box, set the font family to “Blambot Pro Italic” and the font size to 16.

5.      Click the “Color” box to open the color dialog box.

6.      In the Primary colors theme, click the white box to select white, then click the X in the upper right corner to close the dialog box and accept your color.

7.      In the canvas, replace “text” with:

“The Engine”

Created by : Madefire
Art: Jimmy Broxton
Script: Guy Adams
Build: <your name>

To Create a Roll Effect for the Credit Text Layer

1.      Click the right arrow at the top of the control panel to go to the Effects control panel.

2.      Click the “Add new effect” button.

3.      Select “Credits” as the target, “Slide In” as the effect type, and from “Bottom” as the direction.

4.      Set the start time at 6 seconds (when the scene has finished) and the duration to 10 seconds.

A new effects box appears at the bottom of the control panel named “slide in Credits.”

5.      Scroll down to the new effects box and choose “Linear” from the Motion pull-down to set smooth even motion for the entire scroll.

6.      Click the Save icon in the tab bar to save your complete page.

7.      Play your page back.

At the end of the scene your credits scroll up smoothly from the bottom of the canvas.


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