Chapter 3: Uploading Assets


Uploading Assets

You can’t create a motion book without assets—graphics files you’ve created that are panels and objects within panels, sound files that add ambience, maybe word balloons if you don’t want to create word balloons within the Motion Book Tool.

Normally you’d create assets yourself. Because we want you to be able to create a motion book right now, though, we’ve supplied some assets for you that come from a page within Madefire’s motion book “The Engine,” featuring art by Jimmy Broxton and script by Guy Adams.

Download the assets to your computer as if you’d created them, then upload them to the Madefire cloud where you can use the assets in your motion book.

To Download Pre-Made Assets

1.      Point your browser to Jump Start assets and download the zip file there to a convenient location on your computer.

2.      Unzip the file and store the contents in a folder you can find later for upload.

To Upload Your Assets to the Madefire Cloud

1.      In the Motion Book Tool, click the Upload Assets button in the control panel to open the Upload assets dialog box.

2.      Click + in the lower right corner of the dialog box to open a file browser.

3.      Find the folder that contains your downloaded assets, select all the assets in the folder, then click Open.

The dialog box shows your files uploading to the Madefire cloud, then processing as the cloud prepares your files for use in the Motion Book Tool.

4.      Click “Close” to close the dialog box.

To View Your Uploaded Assets

  • Double-click “Recent assets” in the assets bar.

Your uploaded assets appear in the assets bar. You can always find them here. If you need to get rid of an assset, you can drag it to the trash can on the right of the assets bar.


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