Liking your Motion Book Tool account with your deviantART account and publishing to


To link your Motion Book Tool account with your deviantART account: 

  1. Log into your Madefire account using the Motion Book Tool email
  2. Log into your deviantART account using your dA email 
  3. Go to the following link and hit “Authorize”:  

After you have done that, in the future, when you want to sign into your Madefire account, use the “Log in with deviantART”, and you’ll have all your existing pages and assets, and you will be set to upload to the correct account.  

To publish to your dA page simple check the box called 'Upload to' at the bottom of the 'Project properties' rollout, and your motion book will appear in on dA!  From there you can publish your book to your page!



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