Chapter 7: Adding Sounds


Adding Sounds

Sounds, like images, are imported assets that you can add to a page. Each added sound has its own layer box in the control panel. Because sound layers are not visual, you won’t see sound layers in the canvas. Sound layer order isn’t important because sounds can play simultaneously.

Add three sounds to your page to accompany the images that you’ll animate later with effects:

  • steps, background noise of something coming
  • march, music to accompany the scene on the page
  • impact, the sound of breaking through rocks

You can then play the sounds to hear what they sound like.

Adding Sound Layers

To Add Sound Layers to the Page

1.      Drag the sound assets “steps” from the assets bar (which should still be set to Recent assets) to the “Add new layer button” at the top of the page’s control panel.

A sound layer box named “steps” appears at the top of the control panel.

2.      Do the same with the sound assets “march” and “impact.”

A sound layer box appears for each sound.

Playing Back a Sound

To Play Back a Sound Layer

1.      In the “steps” sound layer box, click in the box under “Sound file” to open a new tab containing the sound and playback controls in the center of the screen.

2.      Click the play button to hear the “steps” sound.

3.      Click the tab close button in the upper right corner to close the sound tab and stop playback.


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