Chapter 4: Creating a Page


Creating a Page

The page is a basic element of construction in a motion book. Assemble assets on a page and assign effects to give them life. Later collect your pages into a project you can publish as a motion book.

Our very simple project is a single page that we’ll create now.

Adding and Naming a Page

To Add and Name a Page

1.      Click the “New Page” button in the control panel.

A page tab appears with page controls in the control panel.

2.      In the Name box at the top of the control panel, click in the text box and change “Page” to “Jump Start”.

The tab name changes to Jump Start, and your page is now named Jump Start.

3.   Click the dropdown box labeled "Selected:" near the middle in the top of the view.

4.   Click the pencil icon to edit the canvas size.

You will see a dialog that looks like:


Select iPad and Portrait, and then click "Change".

5.      Click the “Save” button in the upper right corner.

The Motion Book Tool saves the page to your Madefire cloud account. The icon dims to show the page is saved. You can find the page in “Recent Pages” or “Recent Assets” in the assets bar.

Working With a Page Tab

The page tab contains the standard parts of the Motion Book Tool customized to control a page:

  • The control panel on the left displays either layers (your assets on the page) or effects (controls to animate layers). Inside the control panel is a set of stacked layer boxes or effects boxes, each of which controls a single layer or effect.
  • The workspace displays the layers you’ve added to the page and plays back any effects you’ve added to layers. The workspace displays a single canvas, which represents the display screen of a device. The default canvas is an iPad in portrait mode.
  • The tab bar on the top contains page controls.


 The most important controls from left to right are:

  • Undo/Redo to undo or redo your actions.
  • Transport controls to play back effects.
  • Save the page or save the page as.
  • Close the tab.

Controlling the Canvas In the Workspace

As you work with your page, you may want to move the canvas or enlarge or shrink it to better see what you’re doing:

  • Move the pointer over the canvas and drag to reposition the canvas.
  • Drag the slider up or down on the left of the workspace to zoom in or out of the canvas or, if you’ve got a mouse with a center wheel, roll the wheel forward or back.

Saving Your Page

Save your page regularly so you don’t lose work.

To Save Your Page

  • Click the Save page icon on the right of the tab bar.

The Motion Book Tool saves your page to the Madefire cloud. The icon dims to show the page is saved.


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