Chapter 2: Starting the Motion Book Tool


Starting the Motion Book Tool

Start the Motion Book Tool on the Madefire cloud, where it downloads into your browser and runs as a Flash application. The tool works with assets stored in the Madefire cloud. You’ll need a Madefire account if you don’t have one to access the Madefire cloud.

Sign-Up and Launch

To Sign Up For a Madefire Account

1.      Point your browser to and click the “No account?” link.

2.      Fill in the user name, email, and password fields then click “Start creating.”

You get a welcome message and Madefire sends you email confirming your account.

3.      In your email reader, find the Madefire email and click to verify your account.

To Start the Motion Book Tool

1.      After verifying your email address, point your browser to, enter your email address and password, then click “Start Creating.”

2.      Click “Launch.”

The Motion Book Tool loads and launches in your browser.

Parts of the Motion Book Tool

These are the main parts of the Motion Book Tool:


  • The tab bar switches back and forth between pages, projects, your library, and other tabs you may open.
  • The control panel presents controls for the tab you have open.
  • The asset bar shows available assets in the Madefire cloud and lets you move them into and out of the Motion Book Tool.
  • The workspace displays your assets and lets you assemble them into pages and projects.


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