Publishing your Motion Book to iOS


If you wish to make your Motion Book available for others to read within the Madefire Reader application, please do the following:

  • Ensure that your Motion Book is complete, error-free, high-quality, with consideration taken for best practices established by Madefire and by the deviantART community
  • Preview your Motion Book by uploading it to the web and carefully read through the entire book
  • Preview your Motion Book in iOS by uploading it to iOS and carefully read through the entire book
  • Upload your Motion Book to
  • Publish your Motion Book as a deviation
  • Post a request for your Motion Book to be included in Madefire's deviantART channel on the MadefireStudios group on deviantART.

Once you've gone through these steps, Madefire will check your book for errors and content, and we will contact you through your deviantART account.

Note that, since Madefire is subject to Apple's Terms & Conditions, we are required to review content; otherwise, the entire Madefire app could be removed from the App Store. We can't guarantee that any Motion Book will be included in the deviantART channel within the Madefire Reader application, nor can we give an exact indication of how long it will take us to review submissions. However, we will be as fast as we possibly can.

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