Linking your Madefire account to your deviantART account


In order to link your Madefire account to your deviantART account, go to (make sure you are logged out), and then click the "Login with deviantART" link.

This will take you to your deviantART signin page, where you will enter your credentials. After signing in, you will be presented with a dialog, asking if you give Madefire permission to access your deviantART account. If you wish to publish Motion Books to deviantART, please allow access.

NOTE: Madefire only uses your deviantART account when you ask us to; in other words, if you ask Madefire to upload to your account, we will do so, but otherwise, the Motion Book Tool doesn't make unprompted accesses to your deviantART account.

After you have authorized Madefire to access your deviantART account, you will see an "Upload to" checkbox in the project control panel of the Motion Book Tool.

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