Previewing your Motion Book on iOS


When you have published a Motion Book in the Motion Book Tool, a private preview is available for you to view.

In order to view your private previews, launch the Madefire Reader app on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad).

In the "Settings" menu, tap the "Sign-in" button.

Use the same email address and pasword that you used to register for Motion Book Tool access.


Since you logged in using the button from within, there's an extra step to take in order to be able to log into the Madefire iOS application. On the Sign In page, click the link that says "Need password help?"


Then, enter your email address. In order to properly link your deviantART account with your Madefire login, you MUST use the same email address as the one that's associated with your deviantART account.



Once you've followed the instructions to set your Madefire password, you can then sign in on the Madefire iOS app using this password. Note that this password WILL NOT change your deviantART password; these are two "separate" logins.

FINAL NOTE: this additional bit of complexity is only a short-term issue. We will be updating the Madefire iOS app so that you can sign in using your deviantART credentials. We expect this app update to be available in March.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a new menu item appear in the Madefire Reader menu: "Development".

Tap the "Development" item, and you will be able to browse through your private previews.

Note that no other iOS users will be able to see the Motion Book that you have published. Submission for publication in the Madefire Reader is a separate process.

Note also that you can publish to Web (either deviantART and/or Madefire), and these links will be viewable by others should you wish to share them.

If you publish to web through Madefire, your books will not automatically appear in any lists or catalogs; they are analogous to YouTube "unlisted" videos; anyone with the link can view them, but you can only get the link if someone explicitly sends it to you.

If you publish to deviantART, your book will be a "deviation", and will appear as any other deviation on deviantART, and as such will be discoverable, taggable, and favoritable.

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